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A name that is not unpleasant to you may be very unpleasant to another gamer

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Hope that Guild Conflicts to be a safe and fun space for everyone. Guild Conflicts is a global

activity, performed by individuals from different countries all over the globe. People may don't

agree about what headings are unpleasant. A name that is not unpleasant to you may be very

unpleasant to another gamer. There are some kinds of headings that we consider inappropriate for

Guild Conflicts.
?Guild Conflicts do not permit headings that:
Have unpleasant national, cultural, or national associations. Referrals sexual acts or actual

lifestyle assault. Are adult. Make inappropriate sources to body system or bodily processes.

Referrals illegal drugs or actions. Referrals significant religious figures. Referrals certain

real-life individuals that may cause problems (e.g. Hitler). Impersonating an ArenaNet or NCsoft

employee or customer service representative is against the Guild Conflicts Customer Contract, so it

does not allow figures to take the actual name or manages of employees. Moreover, if a name is

found to breach a third person's exclusive privileges and the privileges holder gripes about its

use,? Guild Conflicts will not allow the name.http://www.sellgw2.com