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Baiye De Qiu Lectra

The Daric prove that he is an excellent martial artist, although some do not obey the discipline, but after a while has been marketed to officer. When he took over a Buy Diablo 3 Gold to rescue the king's nephew was kidnapped from the pirate leader that, in Raithen slot of Tauruk, Daric and Mat witnessed before Zakarum priests,

Baiye De Qiu Lectra, located Tauruk slot following Ransim City lost the remains of the discharge of demon Kabbah Ponds. Kabbah Lachs mentioned that they tried to evade from the desire of the demon minions, Mat passed away reconnects. The Daric think Mat's loss of life can not shirk its responsibility, he soon started drinking to battle to be able to conceal his sadness.

Can not go returning to the board of warships The Daric started wandering from one town to another, until at last he The Seekers Factor joined the military of tracking miracle Taramis Volken. The Daric go with him, and the capability to raise that can eliminate the demon Kabbah Ponds Stormfury the knife.