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Bread and other starchy foods are polysaccharides

In addition, some patients choose to eat bread, but sometimes patients cannot relieve symptoms even

they ate two buns. Bread and other starchy foods are polysaccharides,Diablo 3 Gold they should be through the step

by step into monosaccharide metabolic decomposition in the body, which can party being absorbed by the

body. Correcting the hypoglycemia speed is relatively slow. If people drink α-glucosidase inhibitors,

it will inhibit = carbohydrate fracture form glucose, so that starch cannot quickly correct

Once people have the hypoglycemia symptom, they should choose candy, fruit juice and other sweets;

because of these foods are monosaccharides. They could be absorbed by the intestinal tract. It can

rapidly correct hypoglycemia symptoms, following food are bread and other dry food.
Taking several hypoglycemic agents may make the blood sugar falls too low; hypoglycemia will bring

damages in a very short period of time. In order to protect body, human will mobilize up to other

substances into sugar to supplement the lack of sugar to resist hypoglycemia. But regulation of blood

sugar of diabetes is week, if blood sugar is usually measured blood sugar not low but high, and then

increases the dose of hypoglycemic drugs, it will result in a vicious cycle.
Bread and should not become the choice of food to increase sugar. Different foods cause blood sugar at

different rates, from fast to slow: glucose> honey> sugar water> Coke> juice> milk> ice cream>


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