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Due to the really like to his people

One day, the light bringer and the elegant royal prince get a piece of details. There will be a disaster occurred in the city of STSM. A number of people decrease their lives and become the phantom for rs silver.

When heard this, Arthas is very disappointed. He needs the light bringer to arrive there as easily as possible. When they reached, the scenery in front of them is miserable. Arthas becomes very disappointed and sad. Almost in one night, all the people Diablo 3 Gold become the dead creatures and decrease rs silver.

Due to the really like to his people and the hate to the natural disaster, Arthas cusses that he must eliminate the wide range of natural disaster in his way of lifestyle no matter how big the price is. In those periods, Arthas can not management the anger in his thoughts. Without getting the suggestion of the light bringer, Arthas needs his followers to damage the whole city and collect rs silver incredibly.

The whole city in up-date has become a fat place. To be honest, his activities at now can be completely understood. Through this aspect, the light bringer has known the powerful desire of removing in the brain of Arthas. Due to the current sculpture of him and Arthas, he had to nothing but keep the elegant royal prince.