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Every 5 a few moments or so

Every 5 a few moments or so, it would summon a bunch of non-elite pumpkin heads or scarecrows.The players and clergymen should have relatively great expertise to against Baron Rivendare.
 The players pay interest to open the protect wall, protect discipline and drastic, to make sure that no priest to cause an improved extensive variety plus the blood stream, the priest to provide the

soldiers a stable improve in blood stream. He calls out the non-elite pumpkin heads or scarecrows with very little blood stream, which can solve through sacred water Gao intense. Now is for test the

 The dps need to be great enough so that you can all-out attack in the situation. Baron Rivendare will fall after about 3 moments. At the beginning of the war, the npc would help you

when you start the door purpose, but this npc will die in the end, and then you will get a very cost-effective process reward. You need to do process for all occupations fit

pants of Baron Rivendare. There are diamond and the Argent Dawn relations degree which relevant to the regard you can buy some scrolls in the duplicate.