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From time to time,

From time to time, there will be a waterfall pouring from the ceiling of the iron grille, obscured line of sight and block the player through the rushing water. This design increases the change of combat elements of sight, and make the battleground strategic more abundant. If the players are just in the waterfall below when the waterfall appear, and they will be repelled by the water.
The center of the arena is a raised square platform. The waterfall down rippled to the iron grilles of platform central. The player can board the platform only through two of the four corners of the ladder. The height of platform can’t be jumped on by the players. In the other two corners, there are some piles of boxes to block the move and obscured line of sight.
The prepare regional of Dalaran Sewers is on both sides of the groundwater. If the player stays in it for too long, he will flow out by the water pipe.
Dalaran Sewers start on the left of box, and the target of attack is to run out of the scope of the yellow circle, the orange range is preferential. If you are got down lay on a high platform, you can from the right steps.

The Ruins of Lordaeron Arena in the World of Warcraft is a simple and wide terrain. The Ruins of Lordaeron Arena is released in 2.1.2, which regard the Undercity entrance as a prototype design. The terrain of the ruins is relatively broad. There is only a tomb coffin obstacle in the center of entire battlefield, and the surrounding is flat.
 Compared to the Trials Arena, the significant of this arena is to test the real combat power. For the small German occupation, the advantage of this site would be more obvious.
The Ruins of Lordaeron Arena is location in the part of the site area above the Undercity.
The background of this arena is the main city which is mankind's most proud have become the souls forces
The special setting: the core of the strategy is the central coffin region .