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Gear Upgrade - Slightly different statistics on different tiers

Unless the piece's name is lemon, devices should almost always be a choice. Even if you are getting up a tier you may be dropping some statistics to be able to
increase others.
Gearing up is one of the most interesting areas of the experience. Determining whether you want X or Y is expected to be a challenging choice. We make no assurance that everything that falls is an update for you, even set items.
Building the most maximum set of devices for your particular specifications is also one of the factors that let more professional players illustrate mastery of the experience. If the set pieces were always better, that wouldn't happen. Actually one of the factors we designed places small (not 8 items or whatever) is so players could still perform the task of finishing them without also getting in a place where they were very hesitant to update again.
Buffing vs. Nerfing
We often owe it to the group to take the simple way out, because that indicates quicker changes and less bugs. But it isn't always the right choice. Essential
DPS is low, and instead of nerfing everyone else we buffed Essential, because that was a lot much easier to do. We have a lot we want to do with the experience. We are nearly always going to opt for simple solutions unless the result is a lot more intense.
I'm not quite sure what your factor about tanking is. We're fairly satisfied with the state of tanking. It still needs a reasonably amazing individual with fantastic devices to MT a raid, but there are four sessions who can do it now.
They are simple because the harm and wellness done by the enemies is low, and because none of the activities need that much raid sychronisation (and the
trickier ones are activities players saw before in the 40-player times and were permitted to exercise on during beta). Ulduar is all new material and it will be a lot
more complicated.
Tanking is still traumatic until things is absolutely on city, not because the container is intensely bashing Heroic Hit to remain above the secure on danger, but because the tank needs to place the manager and know when to use their cooldowns. Healing will always be traumatic, and I don't actually believe the way to make treatment more fun is to make healers crowded out. I think it has more to do with offering them awesome tools and then beefing up the UI to provide them the details they need. Penance is a fairly awesome device. Shining example of Light creates you experience amazing when you use it in the right circumstances. Swiftmend is a lot of fun. I like Riptide.