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He don't know tong place

Join Arizona Group method: if you want to take aspect in this Group,Go returning and discuss Reldo you can get the help of news, but he don't know tong place, in varrock downtown and fur traders Baraek talks in varrock, offer Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold 20 gp to buy certificates, he will tell you Arizona Group in the appropriate place. It is in southern Varrock a hutong hut, entering the property down the stairways and Stravan discussion. Join condition: you will need to eliminate Jonny in varrock hotel (in the western aspect of gang position)

Get a study, and then offer it with to Stravan, he provides you with a gang weaponry factory important factors, and can be ope tong foundation. You want to get half secure on the foundation of the area value box.

Add Black Arm Group methods: and the Tramp talks in Varrock south checkpoint entry of the western, and requested him what is in lane in place, and he will tell you this is Black Arm Group invisible place. After HangZhong into into the property and Katrine discussion. Tell her you know about gang content,And you don't have to tell her your to fog.