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How about enjoying a Sarlacc in Celebrity Wars

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Jedi and Sith just don't do it for you? How about enjoying a Sarlacc in Celebrity Wars: The Old Republic? BioWare has announced these times the new "Sarlacc Enforcer" category which shows some things about Sarlacc's you may have not known. For example, did you know Sarlaccs regularly serve as mercenaries-for-hire?
Most Sarlacc have learned more about the universe than most other experts could hope to understand in ten human lives. Not only has an average Sarlacc done everything under the double team, many methods that are symbolic of other experts were discovered and mastered by a inventive, practical Sarlacc.

Every Smuggler knows that one dropped shipping could lose him respect – and a season's worth of credit, but only the crazy would look for for contraband smartly stored in the belly of a Sarlacc. Imperial Agents splitting the will of interrogated criminals depend heavily on methods handed down to them by the Sarlacc – who are known to telepathically pain information out of their most reticent sufferers. Jedi Knights in battle in combat practice for decades to understand The Way of the Sarlacc, Shii-Cho Lightsaber form as the foundation of their awesome combat expertise. Consulars of the Jedi Order invest extended time meditation on Sarlacc to create the dissonant comfort that keeps them calm in the midst of disorder. Resources Predators – a Sarlacc intracacies – have perhaps tips most from developing contacts in the Sarlacc Underground; it is here that hunting and holding are brought to new levels and Resources Predators understand to become excellent, or die. No group would have the skills it needs to survive its mission without the practice and innovation of a dedicated Sarlacc.