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I guess the long run of the encounter doesn't look fantastic in China suppliers

Reuters exposed that China suppliers didn't approve World of Up-date in China suppliers ... I

guess the long run of the encounter doesn't look fantastic in China suppliers.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 2 (Reuters) - China's No.2 Online games proprietor NetEase.com Inc (NTES.O)

said it has been notified by a China govt agency that its function of the World of Up-date action

does not have appropriate identification.

China's Common Administration of Media and Publication launched a statement on its Website that

the NetEase online company that functions World of Up-date should suspend charging customers to

execute the encounter and not allow new issue registrations, according to NetEase.
I don't think people queuing for an example they don't really want to do is fantastic for the LFG

device, especially if there are people legitimately trying to run that dungeon. I recognize it's a

way to opt into the LFG route rather than just having it be international for everyone, but it's a

clunky way. With cross-realm LFG there is also a much greater chance you actually will see a

selection even for obscure dungeons.

I think there is some legitimacy to the players who want to just observe what's going on while on

an alt, but again the categories will usually get filled so quickly that there is less need to do

something while you hang on, unless you're talking about raids, in which situation you can sit on

an alt and browse who is in the route. Just keep in thoughts that if everyone is browsing and

nobody is listing themselves that it will be more complicated to type categories.