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I got it

 If you love Diablo game, then I think every scene in the game, each and every character, each and every task, each animation, each out in the book, you will look carefully, carefully listen to; because They are a moving story, which have on life, joke, there are proverbs. . . . . . Really, every detail is complete, contains the mind of your maker; you know?

If you had enough, so better to take the time to to make your own easy thing to do, I believe you will feel like Diablo ~~2, the game as a learning platform for the exchange;   I play in Asian, we all know that an open team came in one of a Korean name. Do not comprehend the game only 111,222.333 (1 - elite, two - Goblin, three - chest), but you play for so long, why you cannot make a couple of foreign close friends? I got it, and now almost the make the team having a Korean friend, and we speak English and talk to the many topics, of course, not my English,

I was side to open the game, when driving Baidu's on the internet translation, although a little bit tired, is no a lot more than 2 months down, talking to him I am basically looking to know, really a lot of exciting ~ and they are very polite, and very humility, and some factors will take the initiative to offer you, does not care about that a bit money to lend him he does not have the equipment, will take the initiative back to you, do not know why, I've to say that foreign gaming diablo three Cheap Diablo III Items better than many, of course, our country is nevertheless the most powerful. Too many people, bad quality assurance. .