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I think it is connect with the restriction and GS of example

Running a unique dungeon confers additional advantages. Why is concern place

rules may be set up in WOW? Because every time determines one more example,

there will be more problems in the hosting server.
Roles of example progress
Random example can neglect success guidelines until it is finished can produce

progress. If you start the representation of the area through the WOW unique

instance program, you can go coming back to perform again. However, if you have not

played through unique example joined into the representation of the area, you

can not queue up in the representation of the area to perform after you finished

playing. Instance will be completely reset instantly every now and then, but within a

short time, it will be instantly completely reset only try to get into the same

instance for twice.
This issue is rarely seen in brave example, but in individual row typical

instance. For example, you team set just one row of visitors to

play the Players, after performed them once, you go to the public spirit, for

various factors, it soon disband, and then you also queue the Players.
Equipment selection rules
I think it is connect with the restriction and GS of example. It seems that

twenty five number of factors can queue up unique characters and typical warriors

at existing, three million factors of regular heater and Salaun, 30 three

hundred factors of typical representation and 30 five factors of brave

warrior. Also four million factors of Hero heater and Sharon, forty two

hundred factors of idol representation are in the situation. Specific figures may

differ, usually in this level.