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If we hear anything to the contrary

Mostly suitable, anyway -- we're informed that many the new animations aren't managing yet, and

there are quite a few insects still poking around. And there's more trouble -- the program's

administration has exposed that the web page could use a new host, RS Gold since the last administration

had some issues with the host company. Surely there's someone out there who can help -- most people

use the program (and of course it's spawned plenty of terrific machinima movies that we've all


Hopefully Model Audience will see its way returning to regular -- the program has really jump began

the planet of machinima, and it would be a shame to see it drop into disrepair due to lack of

Another information is that prolonged servicing for Jan th. The login screen is announcing an

prolonged servicing the next day morning, from  AM PST until  AM PST. Will we be seeing identify ..

the next day morning? Well, I say no, probably not. My gut says the last PTR make was too recent

for it to hit live realms, but Blizzard is fairly unpredictable when it comes to identify releases.

I'm bad at predicting identify dates anyway, so listening to me is probably not the wisest factor

ever either way. If we hear anything to the contrary, we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we

see it. As always, identify or not, WoW Insider will be here for you all morning the next day if

you're looking for your fix. Happy reading.
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