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In conditions of traditional deaths charges

In conditions of traditional deaths charges, think about what a deaths charge really is: It's an occasion charge. You died; www.mmolive.com

therefore we're putting you soon enough out for X period. Or, you passed away, therefore we're forcing you to spend X sum of

money, which takes Y period to generate. Why would you force individuals to quit having fun, and compromise their completely

free time, just to disincentivize behavior in a videogame? I get that individuals want to experience a feeling of risk when

they're battling in fights, but if the only emotion you experience when you're enjoying a action title is fear that you're

going to lose a while due to an irrelavent game play mechanic, we're probably not doing something right. It's like asking why

single-player actions have quicksave choices.
But that said, we are looking into finding a significant way to provide players a deeper feeling of loss when something bad

happens. But we want it to experience right, rather than just like an irrelavent charge."
So what do think of this deaths penalty? Do you people have additional "meaningful deaths penalties"?
Here I collected some players' ideas:
Perhaps a system like in EQ where if you die your gadgets gets degraded by 10%. If it hits zero your gadgets is damaged and

you have to get it set or you can fix it anytime either at a mechanic or with fix kits designed by other players.-----Sphinx
Personally I'd like to see a Morale system. If you die you reduce the complete 'strength' of your capabilities for yourself

and your Bridge Authorities. Drop it 10% effectiveness per deaths to a max of 50%.Second Option: If you die you temporarily

reduce one of your Bridge Authorities for say 10-15 mins while they are in the Sick Bay being treated by a physician. Until

the official earnings to responsibility you cannot use their capabilities.www.mmohome.com