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In HanbitSoft's own words

Still, despite some of the faults both with regards to organization choices designed and the experience itself, the headline has its lovers and many were sad to see Hellgate: London's web servers in Northern The united states and European countries go dark.

Compaired it to a yo-yo, a trip, or what have you -- it's been complicated, but there have been glimmers of wish of the experience one day coming back to European areas. An official launch from Hellgate: London's certificate owner HanbitSoft nowadays is perhaps the most strong bit of details we've acquired about the long run of the experience outside of The philipines.

In HanbitSoft's own words: "HanbitSoft Inc., declared nowadays that the organization has acquired the posting privileges for Hellgate in Northern The united states, European countries and Asia from NAMCO BANDAI Activities The united states Inc.. HanbitSoft and Buy WOW Gold The united states, the official proprietor of the posting privileges in these areas, have joined into an agreement for the experience to be allocated by HanbitSoft later on."