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In the developer logs

Outside of the third act of the run graph, as a swap, I will begin the experience from the first act of the curse of the jail task. Go to rot and supervising forest of ancestral grave and warriors of Connecticut law of rem yong ling stacked five layer. When I flip finish nie technique of rem guardians yong after I will go to discover the miracle key, and then from the suffering penalties to destroy all the way down to the pit until destroy the butchers.

In the developer logs: devices system upgrades, architect Travis described the next Day will decrease the opportunity to drop unusual devices and inexpensive Cheap Diablo 3 Gold Silver, improve the quality of the devices at some factor. So players don't use worry to discover top quality unusual items will become more complicated.

I heard that unusual item drop amount is decreased. Every day I want to sit at the pc execute the experience a few time, what also can't discover valuable unusual items, so you come up with the concept is to have the unusual drop amount become more decreased. That sounds it is bullshit.