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It's not that balance doesn't have program to select up

There's limited distinction between balance requirements now usually due to the disparity in

gearing levels. Come next raiding stage, these won't exist.D3 Gold Every balance druid will have to run

31/0/10. You could argue that some balance druids might advantage two factors in Owlkin Pattern

over Moonglow, and that indicates alternatives -- but when there's no discernible distinction

between the performance of either requirements, those two ability factors are ineffective.
Why choice matters

I am certain that some people will take this whole rant the wrong way. I am not advocating that

balance druids need extra DPS ability alternatives for their ability points; I am saying that our

ability alternatives actually need to make a apparent and identifiable distinction in our numbers.
While suffering from my warlock, I actually end up having a wide range of choice in how I will

invest several of my ability factors. When going problem, the first nine ability factors are all

spent on DPS-improving capabilities, while that next ability can go toward some way of program.

Within the next stage, only three of the five ability factors can be used to improve DPS; again, I

must choose up some effective program. In finish, problem ends up investing around 8 ability

factors on program.

It's not that balance doesn't have program to select up; it is more that what limited program we

have isn't value anything. What's the aspect of having Gale Wind squalls circulation in a PvE

spec? How often are you really going to get yourself using Cyclone? And how many of those times do

you need to have the extra range? What does Owlkin Pattern do? A vast majority of PvE activities

cannot even proc the effect, Diablo 3 Gold and the few that can don't offer enough procs to make the ability by

any indicates "useful."