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Pit for a sweep ah violet buckle

First: First of all go to the castle 3 stacked BUFF3 aspect (fortress 3 A3 top stage is the most intensive, Map 1.2 moments of the tiniest locations, three categories of elite)

Second: Go castle after a cascading staying aspect BUFF. Layer 3 fan collection finished 2 aspect, do not invest your efforts and effort even just joined the 2 aspect I met the variety of top stage, so after the withdrawal!

Third: 5 aspect BUFF start from the pit for a sweep Buy D3 Gold ect, mobs pit one A3 the most most densely experience very effective. U.S. assistance first class gamers 100% will sweep pit.

Fourth: Pit for a sweep ah violet buckle in front of the collection BUFF time amount to eradicate devices durability of about 25-40 moments to complete. 10,000,000 experience. Landlord devices generally 28-31 moments.

Fifth: Under regular circumstances, the immediate concern ah the violet back pack complete devices. If not complete, it is junk space, but we have 10 million experience. Very effective. When you discovered to structure 2 back pack 61-63 of devices position has been complete. Especially 62. 63 more than regular. So if you did not eliminate Azi a legend, you can consider the sweep complete map. Presently, the chances of the space, out of black gold. No exaggeration to say. Five periods 2-3 periods will be a black gold.