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Puzzled scarred

Lost center, just like in the jungle, a individual, everywhere was closed lush shrubs, wet everywhere, there is no sense of direction can not find out a way out. No issue how challenging he was always puzzled scarred, mentally and physically fatigued, finally returning to square one. Raised his go, the sky obscured by tall thick divisions, and the sun only through the layers of leaves, scattered strands of the world. The sight of tears, such as burst-like emission, tingling sight, now comprehend privacy.

Hot and loud evening in rest, clean perfume in the morning to awaken. Along a primary road, through the trees and Cheap Diablo III Items and blossoms Piaoxu, all type of alone. Petals wither in the wind, leaving only the faint perfume of the fingers, we just to look a little warm, so keep goodbye, but still can not find out religious destination. Progressively the stars rest, dawn, sweet dreams and truth with a heavy awaken, pack up and proceed on the road, I do not know when to stop.