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Somehow we all fit into a type of end-game category

 The topic we are mainly talking about is the raid style in the Rage of the Lich Professional. Maybe you are

curious about how the Blizzard is going if you are in a man raid guild and maybe strategy on expanding into -man

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   We really like the idea of both  and  man edition of each raid. Having both  and  man edition of each raid

indicates we can see all the content the
larger guilds will see. In a way it is a proven reality that naxx is very simple, so it does get eliminated way

easily. Hopefully there will be a new content spot soon with something more challenging to power everyone to

As a raider or raiders, he or she is eager to see new content but a lot of the serious raiders are upset that

the new content is so simple. Blizzard has said more
than a few periods that they were disappointed that only % of the WoW inhabitants got to see end activity

content that they put so plenty of your power and power in to. From a business perspective, they'll have more

happy members if the content is available and doable to more informal players which are excellent, just not for

hardcore raiders.

Somehow we all fit into a type of end-game category. Because stabilizing is some much for fun, someday we will

hit  and have to choose what to do with our in game time. And then everyone somehow suits into one of those

For one factor, all raiders in serious guilds with - well organized raid nights. For another, informal raiders,

raid regularly but keep raid nights rather brief
and don't subordinate everything to the raid. The rest that does heroics, pugs, plays the AH, likes the

tradition and so on.
And there come some problems with actual raid style. Hardcore raiding guilds laugh at the actual raid content.

It was all eliminated in a few periods, of course by people that know exactly what their doing and did

Naxxramas. Ambitious raiders will obvious Naxx  in a few several weeks. Every informal raider will obvious Naxx 

rather soon than late. And that's where the issues come up at this pointRS Gold