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Talent Finance calculator

Talent Finance calculator
The Shockadin is becoming a quite well-known build among paladins. It's a bit of a mix between harm supplier and healadin just like the Holydin but is a little bit more intense at treatment and but does a little bit more harm. This build doesn't go all the way down to Heavenly Lighting which allows quite a bit in the treatment classification. Instead it goes more into the retribution shrub and you get more strike energy, crucial hit opportunity with melee weaponry, and sanctity aura. Sanctity Element improves holy harm by 10% which is amazing to have to improve your Holy Surprise harm.
Paladin Strengths:
They are probably the most survivable classification, being in selection armor, can cure, and can "Bubble".
They can get a free frequent mount.
They can get an epix mount through a pursuit pattern.
The best Region of Effect (AoE) container in the encounter, excellent at having vast quantities of animals.
They can take a lot of harm even when treatment or fighting due to hefty armor.
They can protect themselves or others through the use of "Bubbles"
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