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Tanking Un-crushable

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Tanking Un-crushable
   The un-crushable is thrown around a lot when it comes to tanking. It indicates exactly what you'd think this would mean being at the factor where your challenger can't area a smashing hit on you. That is, a typical misconception is that 490 security places you at that factor. So how do you get to that point? It is determined by how un-crushable you want to be. As a Enthusiast or Pally, there are two states of being un-crushable you can shoot for. One is a temporary condition and the other is a permanent condition. Let's talk about the techniques of getting there to begin with.
   Our travel to un-crushable begins with the fight desk. From here, we know a mob's opportunity to area a smashing hit on you is some percentage opportunity on the desk. Using the transaction of priority of the fight desk, we can perform to eliminate smashing strikes from the desk. Remember that the fight desk orders of priority are Skip, Avoid, Parry, Prevent, Crucial Hit, Crushing Blow and Hit.