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The full list of Level 80 Onyxia Achievements after the break

The newest Patch 3.2.two PTR develop which came on the internet this morning has some hot new achievements for our favourite brood mother. The Onyxia achievements are as we expected - pulled straight from the classic NSFW Onyxia Wipe Animation.

Of distinct note is the Level 60 Onyxia Achievement – that is now a Feat of Strength as it will be unobtainable after Patch 3.2.2 releases and Ony becomes a level 80 raid. In my opinion, guilds should be doing nightly Ony runs to get their alts the achievement. Nothing says awesome like some good old level 60 Feats of Strength.

The full list of Level 80 Onyxia Achievements after the break

Every Wednesday, Chase Christian of Encrypted Text invites you to enter the planet of shadows, as we explore the secrets and mechanics on the Rogue class. This week, we discuss the Rogue news from Blizzcon along with the most up-to-date PTR make.

Due to a bit of luck on BlizzCon ticket day, I was able to score a pair of tickets for a single of this year's most desired occasions. I had a great time in the WoW.com reader meetup, and receiving the chance to play as both a Goblin and Worgen Rogue truly highlighted the weekend for me. I am also excited at how Diablo III and Starcraft II are coming along; I'm eagerly awaiting their releases.

However, it wasn't all exciting and games. I had considerable enterprise to attend to, I had to work with this opportunity to spend time using the WoW developers and ask many of the additional vital queries facing Rogues nowadays. In the course of the 2nd Class Discussion Panel, I got the chance to ask Ghostcrawler a single query in front of your crowd. What'd I ask? About Vanish, obviously! As expected, there's no timeline to get a doable fix, but they don't want us to have to wait till Cataclysm for our most exclusive defense cooldown to supply far more reliable protection.