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The man is the Black Dragon Royal prince in this small pub.

Remember Black Dragon Royal prince who mentioned in the past orange dagger tale video by Blizzard will appear in the Pandaria landmass. The man is the Black Dragon Royal prince in this

small pub.Guild Wars 2 Gold
Unfortunately, the consumer infinitely errors, so does not bring more reports on the tale. But on the above photograph reveals, moreover to the Black Dragon Royal prince, there is a

female Panda.
The women pandaria's name is Madam Goya, also known as Goya Ms. She is the manager of underground. Blizzard previously disclosed in the 5.0 version will join the underground which

is an public auction set up by the NPC. The players can bid for all types of unusual animals, installs, perhaps equipments and other factors which the Auction offered.
This Goya Ms. is one of manager in the underground. However the Black Dragon Royal prince stay here for what? More of the tale seems to only awaiting the test assistance players have

to discover.
Do you have any ideas for the Black Dragon Royal prince and Madam Goya? Welcome leave concept to conversation in our website!
NetEase restoration the landmass function counterpoises of World of World of warcraft in China suppliers for three decades from the Blizzard.
The NetEase has the right to operate the WOW which is expired in landmass China suppliers. And the new managing privileges to contract start instantly take impact and continued for three

In March, ATVI and NTES declared jointly that NTES proceed the collaboration of the "World of World of warcraft in landmass China suppliers has already begun.
Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase in Mainland China suppliers on World of World of warcraft began in 2009. During the function of Netease, the second aspect of the World of World of warcraft and the third

piece of information Wrath of the Lich Master and World of World of warcraft Cataclysm have progressively been presented into the China landmass.
But the latest performance of World of World of warcraft is under-par in landmass China suppliers. In February, Netease CEO Ding Lei has publicly said that the revenue of "World of Warcraft"

decline on quarterly in a business call meeting.WOW Gold