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The unusual install will be the Amani Dragonhawk

A handful of missions have been included to Northern Barrens to provide more level -0 material. Look for new missions at

Nozzlepot's Outpost and Darsok's Outpost.User Customer interface    Like the Focus Frame, the personality Unit and

Concentrate on Frames can now be revealed and moved to a person's material.                        It seems like a few of my

podcast forecasts came true, in that many of the datamined partner animals and installs were, actually, new WoW TCG installs

for the two upcoming locations, War of the Components and Night of the Mythical beasts.

For War of the Components, the pet will be Landro's Lichling, presumably a rehash of Blizzard's Lil'KT, much like Landro's

Lil' XT was a recolor of the Blizzard-sold pet shop product. Fool's Gold will be the unusual, enabling a individual to plant

down a fool's gold exploration node and have up to  individuals modify into selfish little kobolds. The unusual install in

the set will be the Savage Raptor Mount, a possibly awesome looking raptor that better be as savage as its name suggests.

Twilight of the Mythical beasts will carry us the typical Nightsaber Cub pet, further strengthening my theory that we'll be

seeing the other two datamined pups,


  the Wintersaber and Panther, as purchases in the Blizzard pet shop later this season,

possibly with a luxurious toy partner. The unusual recover the cash card is the War Party Hitching Publish, which will

presumably act like a Foam Blade Rack, enabling up to  individuals to grab a special horse install for a limited duration.

The unusual install will be the Amani Dragonhawk, a dragonhawk done up in the style of the Amani trolls, who are creating a

big return in spot . with the come back of Zul'Aman.

From the very time guild reputation and guild stabilizing were implemented, players have wanted some of their reputation

benefits to leak over to their alts. Why should your alts have to level their reputation if they're in the same guild as

your main? In spot ., Blizzard still isn't enabling your reputation to leak over to your alts, but it is implementing the

Illustrious Guild Tabard and the Well known Guild Tabard.

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