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The war seems to be on wane

The war seems to be on wane on the Agnes land these days, as if the warriors have turned to some else they enjoy. It's now clear that it is indeed true, due to the Sparkling Labyrinth Envoy. He came with this miraculous locale, and every one is fascinated and "lost".
The first attempt by the Human to build a labyrinth could be traced back to 5000 years ago, and ever since then, labyrinths have been constructed all over the world by many civilizations and never cease to fascinate curious people. They're mysterious and dangerously enthralling, but above all, they pose challenges to human courage and wisdom, which drives numerous brave hearts risk their lives seeking truths inside. Today, we're going to unveil the Labyrinth brought about by our Sparkling Labyrinth Envoy. The Sparkling Labyrinth Envoy greets you from 19:00 to 22:00 everyday in your main city and opens the door to the labyrinth.
The Sparkling Labyrinth is the only one in Agnes that is free from demons and monsters. It has a total of 25 circular stocks, each of which are posted three teleport envoys. Only one can transfer you further to next stock. .Wrong choices would set you back to previous stocks where you have to resume the tour. Undoubtedly, it takes no ordinary guts to stick it out - man has to be extremely patient and victorious to withstand the knocks. Only by this could your effort lead to any result.
Just as we've mentioned, the key of this event is to choose teleport Envoys correctly, and since the right envoys on every stock remain the same throughout the entire period, it makes sense to keep track of whereabouts Cheap WOW Gold of the correct envoys.