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There are plans for greater rewards for PvP

In the default skill tray, the first six hotkeys are for expertise, while the last four are reserved for on-use items, including hypos and shield cells. But you should expand the tray very early on.
To do that, click on the icon at the right end of the skill tray that looks like a stack of three tiny file folders. That brings up the numbers 1, 2 and 3, which correspond to the rows of hotkeys available. Lower-level players can make do with two rows of hotkeys, whereas advanced players likely need all three.
D3 Items
Once you've got another row of hotkeys available, drag and drop your extra combat abilities into the new slots. And of course, while you're at it, read up on each ability and what it does.
One of the oft-raised issues that Star Trek On-line has faced has been PvP and its implementation. With a faction almost wholly devoted to PvP, some iffy use of maps and missions, balance problems and other concerns... people might argue it's not the biggest issue, but it's certainly a sizable one. So the most recent installment of Ask Cryptic for the game has centered around the time-honored art of facing down your virtual opponents. It starts off with a couple of small disappointments for some: open PvP regions and one-on-one combat are something the development team would like to implement, but it's not as high on their priority list at the moment.
Good news is included, however. There are plans for greater rewards for PvP, both including a wider variety of weapons and improvements to earning consumables in both space and ground combat. There are plans to try and expand team sizes for PvP maps as well as helping to distinguish between allied and enemy ships. Most importantly, there are balance changes coming to fix certain ships (such as Science Vessels) that are holding up a little too well in PvP. Take a look at the full list of questions, which should be of interest to any Star Trek On the internet player that enjoys mixing it up with other players.Buy MapleStory Mesos