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This battle has a lot of possibilities for either requirements to glow

When the manager gets to around100%, he will obtain Death rate, which will make it difficult to heal

associates of your raid any further. Most healers change to DPS, but as a clergyman, you can use Power

Word: Secure -- even if you're a sacred clergyman -- to protect gamers from future strikes if they are

below k wellness. You can trash as many protects as you're able, but concentrating on gamers with the

biggest danger is the best way to make sure your protects get used. Focus on your aquariums, then your

melee DPS.
Discipline techniques You won't have much need for protects on this battle, so adhere to information like

Penance and Show Cure for Corrosive Slime and Prayer of Healing for massacre. Use Power Word: Hurdle for

when the raid needs to group up for Corrosive Slime; you'll probably be able to protect every other

pattern if you're the only cd clergyman in the raid.
Holy techniques You can change between Haven and Comfort for your Chakra position on this battle, but

remaining in just Haven is excellent since it will enhance your skilled Renews. As I said earlier, use

your instant-cast cures for Corrosive Slime affected individuals before the Massacre: Group of Healing,

Replenish and Holy Word: Comfort. Holy Word: Comfort is obviously the best for this job, but since it has

a cooldown, you can use Group of Healing and Replenish for any stragglers who still need treatment. These

information aren't confident to do the complete quantity of treatment you'll need, but along with other

healers in your raid, it's usually better than nothing. Holy Word: Haven and all its underwhelming wonder

is excellent for Corrosive Slime placing when the Bile-O-Tron  is off-line.

Disc or holy? Either. This battle has a lot of possibilities for either requirements to glow, and since

most of the destruction being handled is single-target, neither healer has an advantages.
A last note on Chimaeron: It's important to know that gamers who are below k wellness will get a debuff

known as Low Health. If you navigate your raid supports to show this debuff (I described this

previously), you'll know exactly who needs to be cured at once during the battle instead of trying to

study the wellness bar of every gamer.