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This may seem like sensible practice to a lot of individuals

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This may seem like sensible practice to a lot of individuals, but it came up as a problem lately on the official Customer Support boards. The idea is simple: Don't computer information file bogus GM goes. Whether you're doing it to get coming back at someone you don't like, to execute a hassle on someone, or just because you're exhausted, don't do it.
Support group broker Nevalistis aspects out that bogus opinions are is against the Game Professional connections policy. Each GM situation is taken seriously, and if the GMs see a style of simple or bogus opinions, they can and will take action from warnings all the way up to cancellation or long lasting consideration finishing.
Those of us who have tried to situation a GM lately know how long the range periods are -- so from all of us with authentic issues, please create sure your entrance is authentic. It may protect your consideration, it may protect a GM's satisfaction, and it'll certainly help those with actual issues get the help they need a little faster.