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Warlock could create more health and fitness stones once

The significant modify in TBC finally developed warlock become essential in RAID. The projects of

DEBUFF were 40 and warlocks dared to result DOT. Warlock could create more health and fitness stones once,

although there were only ten stones once, warlock still became a little relaxed. Soul splitting occurs;

warlocks could finally without the don't like value. With the don't like plug-in, the don't like value

could be handled.
    Great don't like value had become the symbol of warlock; just like Wow silver was the symbol of Wow.

Darkness clergyman in RAID also enhanced warlock's harm. Most group management didn't ideas one more

option between mage and warlock. Moreover if the group preferred to fight against the BOSS like Leotheras

the Sightless, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Illidan, they must have warlock tanks, which developed warlock very

essential in the RAID.

  At the starting age, BOSS only had 8 DEBUFF projects. That was to say you could add to 8 DEBUFFs,

otherwise more DEBUFFs would be customized. Rend Protect couldn't be customized, and then you couldn't use

fire miracle, DOT and serious harm. Later, DEBUFF projects were prolonged to 16, but the position was

still not enough just like Wow silver was never enough. If warlock only trusted Darkness Secure to result

harm, its harm level was far away from mage's. Warlock's taunted value was very amazing, there was no

taunted plug-in, so it was simple to be over taunted. Mage could use Ice Prevent to take out taunted

value, while warlock had no way to fix over taunted scenario. Some BOSS would remove the whole group when

meeting over taunted scenario, so warlock couldn't result harm definitely.