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Whether long-term connect actions

Whether long-term connect actions, such as high-intensity repeated to make the adventure, perform money.higher regularity, the lots of digestion hold coins;whether the demand to the system anomaly details, such as your existing position in the A coordinates demand to B details is in your position should not be obtained.if you shift, strike, speed, and aspect should be consistent;

Whether frequent and unreasonable refresh assistance requests - usually this actions system is to punch the players off the assembly variety, rather than the headline.For this details, you need to deal with Buy D3 Gold ect.

1, healthy activity day, try not to exceed 12 time online per weeks time activity time try not to over 80 time.

2, if your house system is the Great Wall High speed internet, replaced by Telecom, China suppliers Netcom it.

3, if your house system with the hosting server has been Biao red, you must use a proxy, please hold out for the system better, or nationwide dress start outfits, or Blizzard headings techniques change.

4, how to perform the Diablo 3 Silver is excellent, do not like to perform like a robot money ...

5, blocked and is indeed simple, the complainant in the end, although the routines of the Blizzard in the past have excellent confidence in their technical analyst, I experience they are the most expert. But the point that these people often make a few errors, but also a big mistake.

6, do nothing money concentrated on a few buddies who numbers having fun.Diablo 3 test new success system, the system is very just like Realm of Warcraft's achievements system, you can record your activity and completed the objective. In a sensation, the success guide the route of your activity, to tell you the overall circulation of the adventure and challenging.